Raphaelson and Levine Lobbying in Albany

Every law in New York is passed in our state capitol in Albany, and every year Raphaelson and Levine travel there to fight for the rights of accident victims. Unfortunately, there are many people and powerful industries that fight to limit accident victims' rights in New York.

The toughest opponents to accident victim's rights are greedy insurance companies that want to increase premiums, line their pockets with profits, and not pay on claims.

Interestingly, they argue every year that litigation costs are destroying the insurance industry and then continuously refuse to open their books and show legislature what they claim to be true.In the past several years, The New York State Trial Lawyers have actively lobbied for a bill appropriately known as The Sunshine Act. The bill's intention is to shed light on the balance sheets and the profits that New York insurance companies make every year.We all pay insurance for health, auto, and home as well as other events that dramatically affect families including death and disability. We pay for financial security and protection that every family critically needs when problems happen. New Yorkers want to be assured that when the time comes that they need insurance, there are no excuses.Insurance companies ask for our trust unconditionally and we give it to them for the sole reason that they will be there for us in times of need.

Raphaelson and Levine is proud of our efforts. We are proud that, as the Voice of the Injured, New Yorkers look to us to protect their rights before accidents happen, secure their right to compensation when an accident happens, and support them after their legal needs are finished as they fight to recover and live independent post-accident lives.

Howard Raphaelson
Howard A. Raphaelson在1992年从Benjamin N. Cardozo法学院毕业后,创立了Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm, P.C.。他的人身伤害律师事务所成立于纽约州的纽约市,他的律师事务所已经获得了许多百万美元的判决。凭借超过25年的人身伤害律师经验,他赢得了同行、法官和高层领导的信赖,包括被评为"超级律师"(汤森路透)和"纽约最佳律师"(纽约杂志)的前5%伤害律师。